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Will I have to assemble my StrideOn / Orthomate knee walker?2022-10-19T17:11:43+01:00
Does the StrideOn / Orthomate knee walker turn/steer?2022-10-19T17:13:13+01:00

Yes! The unique five wheel design with central steering allows the StrideOn knee scooter to be manoeuvred easily. The StrideOn knee scooter is similar to a bicycle whereby you turn the handles left or right, which then turns the front wheel in the direction you wish to go.

The 4 wheel Orthomate works in a similar way.

Does the StrideOn / Orthomate knee walker fold up?2022-10-19T17:21:44+01:00

Yes! The StrideOn / Orthomate knee scooter folds up for easy transportation or storage. You can lower down the steering column and then tuck it under the knee pad making the Knee Walker easy to pick up.

Can I buy my knee walker?2022-10-19T17:22:34+01:00

Yes you can buy your Knee Walker . The majority of our customers prefer to hire as generally you will only require a knee scooter for a short period of 4 to 6 weeks. However, if you are planning to use a StrideOn knee scooter for 3 months or more, please call us on 086-142 2936 to discuss how we can assist you.

Does your Knee Walker work on carpet?2022-10-19T17:23:18+01:00

Yes, it will work on most carpets. If you have rugs over carpet, we would advise you take up the rugs whilst using the StrideOn / Orthomate knee scooter.

Is there a minimum hire period?2022-10-19T17:24:19+01:00

Yes, all of our hires have a minimum hire term of 2 weeks.
If you wish to cancel your hire you may do so within the first 3 days of receiving your knee scooter by calling us. A cancellation fee applies.

Is there a security deposit?2022-10-19T17:24:55+01:00

No! However If the StrideOn / Orthomate knee walker is lost or stolen, or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the customer will be responsible for paying for its repair or replacing the StrideOn knee walker at the model list price as stated in the terms & conditions.

Will my Knee Walker be in a good condition?2022-10-19T17:25:39+01:00

Yes, every knee scooter is thoroughly cleaned and serviced to ensure it is in good working condition each and every time it is sent out.

When do I need to send back my StrideOn / Orthomate knee walker?2022-10-19T17:26:31+01:00

When your StrideOn / Orthomate hire is over or you no longer need it. Please pack up your knee scooter in the original box and packaging and inform us immediately and we will organise collection.

What is normal wear and tear?2022-10-19T17:27:09+01:00

We understand that through normal use, the product cannot stay in a pristine state. Normal wear and tear is related to tyre, knee pad and handles.

Can I return my StrideOn / Orthomate knee walker at any time?2022-10-19T17:27:51+01:00

You may return your hire at anytime by contacting us and returning it or requesting for it to be collected by courier . We will credit any unused hire weeks beyond the 2-week minimum hire time. All courier fees are non refundable.

What if I need my StrideOn/Orthomate knee walker for longer than my hire period?2022-10-19T17:28:36+01:00

You can arrange to extend your hire of the Stride On or Orthomate by contacting us by phone or email,
And do so on a weekly basis. Each additional week will be billed to your credit card at the weekly rate in your hire contract.

What if my StrideOn/Orthomate knee walker needs to be repaired during my hire?2022-10-19T17:29:31+01:00

After notifying us of the issue, we will determine with your help what repairs are needed and the best way to resolve them. If replacement parts are needed we will send them via courier along with instructions on how to make the repair. A replacement model may be sent at our discretion, based on availability and degree of repair needed. We strive to provide the very best service to our customers with the least amount of inconvenience.

What if the Knee Walker is lost or stolen?2022-10-19T17:30:49+01:00

Once you receive the knee walker, you are responsible for its safety. If the knee walker is lost or stolen, or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, the customer will be responsible for paying for its repair or replacing the StrideOn/Orthomate knee walker at the model list price as stated in the terms and conditions.


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